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Test post to let people know I've moved in, but haven't yet unpacked the teapot.


Apr. 30th, 2016 09:22 pm
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Nettle-hen is poorly. She was fine yesterday, but when we got back this afternoon she was sitting in her coop and very listless. We took her to the vets earlier this evening, and they've given her antibiotics and are keeping her in for observation.

ETA: The vet has just phoned to say she has perked up a bit overnight. Not out of the woods yet, but their hen specialist will be in soon and will see if anything more needs doing.

ETA2 She didn't make it. Very poor prognosis, so the vet advised us to have her put down. Didi hen can't work out where her fellow chicken has gone.
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My mother's house got burgled a few weeks ago, while she was staying with us. The burglars damaged one of the back doors in the process, and my mother has already accepted a quote for replacing both that and the other two back doors with new ones, much stronger and with better locks. Because of the age and style of the old doors, new ones will be not only more secure but also cheaper.

The insurance, however, are insisting that (while they are happy to make a cash settlement towards the cost of new doors) they have to have a quote for like-for-like repairs. Even though this is more expensive than the work my mother actually wants done. We therefore need to get *another* quote, for work we do not want done.

When I pointed out that builders are unlikely to want to spend time drawing up a quote for a job we have no intention of giving them, the insurers suggested that I didn't point out that little detail.

In other words, the insurers are actively telling me to be dishonest while making the claim. And they're saying this knowing that such dishonesty is going to lead to a bigger claim.

I just can't get my head round it!
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Wellinghall has suggested I put up my photos of the assorted rodents that we found infesting Beverley Minster. There were quite a lot, though they didn't always photograph well, as we both found. Not sure if this is because they're always small and in awkward, dimly-lit corners, or simply because neither of our cameras comes with a Mouseman setting.
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And we went back to the Minster in the afternoon for the wedding, but you'll have heard all about that from Wellinghall. The bride looked lovely and the groom looked smug, as well he might.
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Summer holiday (partly) booked! We'll be heading off to Orkney on this ferry:

Can't wait.
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Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, wherever you are.
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It's a funny thing, but a rat-sized tunnel has appeared going into the chicken run. Can't help wondering if this is in any way connected with the fact that we haven't been getting as many eggs lately.

I've blocked it with an old tile for now, but that's not going to hold the little thieves for long.
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Me: I hate, loathe and detest the Folio Society, mutter, mutter, lavish deluxe facsimile MS Cotton Nero A.x (The Pearl Manuscript, including Sir Gawain) mutter mutter.
Wellinghall: Can I think about that before saying Yes?

I think our mutual resolve not to make any big book purchases until we've done some serious bookshelf-pruning has just gone kaput.

In other news, always check your references before hitting "Post". I just typed, without looking, MS Cotton Nero A:x, when of course what I really meant was A.x. I know you will all be deeply and profoundly shocked that I could make such a clumsy error.
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Day 1: healthy run-around in park, healthy salad on table, where did all the biscuits go?

Day 2: up bright and early, make pancakes for breakfast, spend day doing energetic and occasionally educational Stuff, including the dinosaurs in the museum.

Day 3: oversleep, staggered breakfast, watch DVD, abandon plans for ambitious outing and have much smaller and closer outing instead, followed by more DVD.

Day 4: stuff breakfast, we're calling it brunch. DVD. Wave god-daughter and family off at the station, pleased as punch to hear god-daughter say she doesn't want to go home.
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Don't often do memes, but it's always good to break a habit, right?

1. Marmite- love or hate?
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Me to insurance firm A: have you now got Important Supporting Document #1, which was posted to you over a week ago, but which hadn't turned up according to Letter of Wednesday last, which reached us on Saturday? Or should I get it re-sent?

Insurance firm: No, but we're actually Firm B, acting on behalf of Firm A, and any post to their address which they forward us can take a few days to get here.

Me (thinks, but didn't actually say) Well in that case, why do you say that we have to provide the information requested within 7 days in your letter which took 3 days to reach us?

I've asked the people who sent Important Supporting Document #1 to fax a copy straight to B.



Jul. 22nd, 2015 10:40 pm
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Also guillemots, razorbills, gannets, seals, and porpoises!
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I do realise, of course, that all fantasy and science fiction is a minor sub-genre of children's fiction, but I was still taken aback to see that the children's section in this morning's secondhand book shop included GRRMartin's Song of Ice and Fire books.
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We finished with a few days in Inverness (pausing only to spot a puffin from the ferry, and get more bus-ride-with-scenery weaving through the mountains).

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After a lifetime of being rather vague about the name of that great big island sort of on the north-west edge, I finally realise that that's because it doesn't actually have a name. We stayed on Harris (the southern, mostly mountainous part), and day-tripped occasionally up to Lewis (the flat peat-boggy half).
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I like the overnight train to Scotland. Not the deepest night's sleep ever, but it's worth it for the sake of a leisurely breakfast watching Spectacular Mountain Scenery(TM) roll past.
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Wellinghall (browsing idly through a book about heraldry): Apparently male gryphons don't have wings.

I had absolutely no idea gryphons exhibited such extreme sexual dimorphism! The only other species I can think of that does that is the Vapourer Moth - we had one pupate attached to our front door a few years ago.

So people out there who know more biology than me - can we infer more about the life cycle of the gryphon from this startling fact? Presumably the males stay put (more or less) and the females leave their home territories and look for a new patch, thus avoiding inbreeding. Does it also follow that the males are going to be heavily involved with the raising of young? I'm wondering if they stay on the nest, keeping the eggs / cubs safe and warm, while the females can do more in the way of hunting?
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My collected fills for the 3SF.

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Back from a long weekend in Wiltshire, where we've been celebrating the near-conjunction of my birthday (just passed) with Wellinghall's (soon to come).
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