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My collected fills for the 3SF.

Prompt from Katharinho:
Blackout/All Clear, Sir Godfrey, does he know or only guess?
As he puts on the grease-paint, he's thinking of her. As he puts on what the world calls his "real" face, he's thinking of her. But on stage or off, it makes no difference; he will play the part she needs.

Prompt from Heliopausa:
Wimsey Novels (Sayers), any, financial crisis
(Extract from the diary of Honoria Lucasta, Dowager Duchess of Denver)
Really, I sometimes wish one could go straight to grand-children, missing out the steps in between, not that one would want to really, and *most* of the family are perfectly sensible. But when Helen (who's always been so careful about money, and so very strict with her own, her own children that is) slips Charlie a sovereign, and says (in Mary's hearing) that he shouldn't have to resort to "that dreadful paper-round" for spending-money! Well, they all had faces like the people in that cartoon in Punch, which one was it, Peter would know...

Prompt from Primeideal:
Arthurian mythology, Dinadan, faith
He knows everyone, likes everyone, laughs with everyone, as quick with a jest as at a joust. Try to get too close, though, and somehow you find he's slipped through your arms. He's seen too many friends get hurt by the ones they most trust.

Prompt from Saoirse7:
The Hobbit, Thorin, Fili, Kili, any AU
"We owe all our thanks to your Burglar, of course, Gandalf; from the time she purloined a whole roast mutton (and the fire it was roasting on) from under the very noses of those trolls, to our final victory today (saving both Fili & Kili's lives into the bargain), she has proved eminently worthy of her place in our august company, and earned not only our lasting esteem but..."
Thorin might well have gone on in this vein for another hour or more, had Fili not interrupted.
"A sight more impressive than that grocer you first tried to foist on us, eh, Ganders? A toast, lads, to the grocer's cousin, the lovely Lobelia!"

Prompt from Rthstewart:
The Hobbit - AU Lobelia is the Burglar -- The riddle game (or meeting Thranduil)
"I beg of you", said Lobelia, "to accept this gift!" and she presented the Elven-king with a pair of fine round seed-cakes. "After all, even a burglar has her feelings; I have drunk much of your wine and eaten much of your bread".
She celebrated her return to the Shire with a party of special magnificence, but it wasn't as grand as the necklace of mithril and pearls that she wore to welcome her guests.

Prompt from Jjhunter:
The Hobbit, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins & Belladonna Baggins, in-laws
"You say you never had *any* adventures after becoming Mrs Bungo Baggins? How ridiculous! If I thought Otho had any such notions, I would never have married him!"

Prompt from Anonymous (two fills)
Discworld, the Librarian, students who don't return books
Fill 1: Ook. Ook. EEEK!
Fill 2: (Because sometimes there's a reason people don't bring books back).
Late at night, when the wind howls around the Tower of Art, students tell ghastly tales of the fate of their fellows who returned books late, or damaged, or not at all. They don't see the other side of their Librarian; of the times he's been the first to notice the absence, the silence, the empty space where a careless student used to be. He checks up on them discreetly - he understands, even if they don't, that stupid isn't always lucky.

Prompt from Rthstewart:
Charlotte's Web, spiders, Bletchley Park
An ugly row of prefabs and shacks, hidden behind an ugly abandoned house, tucked away behind the unloved railway junction. People know it only as "something to do with the Post Office, I think, but they've moved out now", and turn towards the new town, with its glamour and its car parks and its shiny shopping mall. But in the shadows, something is spinning, and words appear: "Remember me".

Prompt from Anonymous:
Oxford Time Travel,The Doomsday Book, Dunworthy with Colin and/or Kivrin, what happens shortly after they return to Oxford
The same bells that rang the death-knell of the plague, they say, rang to herald the renaissance. What re-birth Oxford will see, after the influenza, Dunworthy rather suspects will start with enquiries, and sub-committees, and minutes. But today, all the bells of Oxford are ringing to welcome Candlemas, and Kivrin is coming to tea, and it is enough.

Prompt from Transposable_Element:
Narnia, any, Marsh-wiggle courtship
"I don't suppose...?"
"We may as well. We're neither of us likely to get a better offer, after all".

and sequel:
"Of course your father is never going to give his consent".
"Oh, he was reconciled to the prospect weeks ago. It's Mother who's been crying ever since she heard you were coming over".

Prompt from Rthstewart:
Any, Black llama/white llama, Baby we were born to run
(Being a llama, geography is not my strongest subject).
"So is Sun City, Arizona anywhere near Paris, France?"
"Dunnoh - why do you ask?"
"Only I heard there was a tiger on the loose outside Paris not that long ago..."

Prompt from Rthstewart:
Vorkosigan, Ivan, I'm not an idiot
"Ivan, you idiot! We're due in the 3SF any minute now, and here you are about to run us into a fourth sentence!"
"Not at all, I made a requisition on the way up, and I've more than enough punctuation marks on hand to get us all the way down to two sentences if need be".

Prompt from Rthstewart:
Bujold, Chalion series, Ista and/or Iselle, women with steel spines
The funeral rites being over, the ladies (here, today, not Dowager and Royina, but daughter and grand-daughter) had retired to the little, sun-soaked garden in search of rest and quiet; a quiet too soon broken by little Isara's objection to being made into a waiting-woman's toy.
"She is so very like you; all my mother's steel in her spine, showing right from the start".
"I think that steel did not skip a generation, Mother".
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